Non-metal Waste, Scrap,  Non-metal  articles Processing for using  as  new materials

Production of Raw Materials for the cement industry


  • * Sandblasting waste
  • * Particles and dust rich in Aluminum
  • * Bottom ash and slag
  • * Sludges from physicochemical treatment
  • * Spent inorganic catalysts


Production of Alternative Fuels for the cement industry


  • * Used big bags and filter sacks
  • * Used filter cartridges
  • * Out of specs cigarettes
  • * Shredded contaminated wood and wood chips
  • * All kinds of used and contaminated packaging materials
  • * Petroleum containing waste


*All above waste types are shredded and sorted in exceptional dimensions using shredders, mills and separation equipment

* Alternative solid fuels with special specifications are produced, ta be used m the cement kilns