Sustainable Waste  Management

Green Tech focuses on the provision of sustainable, complete waste management services, by undertaking the design, treatment and safe final disposal of all kinds of industrial waste streams, offering reliable, cost-effective and environmental friendly solution to industries.

Our company focuses on the provision of Integrated Hazardous Waste Management, including the classification of the waste, repackaging works, transportation and final disposal of the hazardous waste streams, following always the Basel Convention, UN, ADR & IMDG legislation.

Green Tech treats hazardous industrial waste by following state of the art techniques and produces secondary liquid and solid fuels, secondary raw materials and additives for pollution prevention Industrial waste that cannot be recovered or disposed in the Sultanate of Oman are exported to licensed facilities for final disposal.

In Green Tech, we prove in practice our orientation towards sustainable development and environmental enhancement. through the recovery and final disposal of increasingly larger quantities and more types of industrial waste.

Regulatory Framework

In accordance with the following Codes of Conduct and International Conventions

  • * The Basel Convention as embodied in EC Regulation (EC) No 1013/2006 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 14 June 2006 on shipments of waste or equivalent covering trans-boundary movements of hazardous waste
  • * Regulation (EU) No 660/2014 of 15 May 2014 amending Regulation (EC) No 1013/2014 regarding the strengthening of Member States’ inspection systems
  • * The International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code (IMDG),
  • * The European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road (ADR)
  • * International health and safety standards for personal protection of a// staff involved in the operation,
  • * Sohar Environmental Unit, REP-083–10–DJ April 2010 Hazardous waste storage@ Liwa
  • * Sohar Environmental Unit, Guidance note Waste management @SIP and SFZ REP–123–10–DJ October 2010
  • * Sohar Environmental Unit, Guidance Note On–site storage of industrial waste REP–230–12–MJ January 2012
  • * Noise pollution control in working area MD- 80/94
  • * Laws of hand/mg and use of chemicals RD- 46!95
  • * RD 114/2001 Law on Conservation of the Environment and Prevention of Pollution
  • * MD 317!2001 Regulation for packing and labeling of hazardous chemicals
  • * Regulations for the registration of hazardous chemicals substances and the relevant permits MO- 248/97
  • * MD 18/1993 Management of hazardous waste
  • * Regulations for the control and management of radioactive materials MO- 249/97
  • * MD 37/2001 control and management of Ozone depleting substances
  • * MD 243/2005 regulation for the control & management of ozone depleting substances
  • * MD 187/2001 Issuance of Environmental approvals and final Environmental Permit
  • * Oman Labour Law· 1973 RD 34/1973
  • * Occupational Health and Industrial Safety precaution law M0-19/1982
  • * Occupational Health and Safety in work place M0-286/2009
  • * MECA Guidelines for Obtaining Environmental Permits